Baywalk Talisay Phase 3 - PRICE LIST

Payment Options
Payment Scheme Term Notes
Total Selling Price P 1,442,000
Less: Reservation 10,000,00 P 1,432,000
Less: Equity 30,000 - Payable 3mos. at P 10,000/mo.
Net of Equity and Res.P 1,402,000
Add: Proc. Fee 3,000
Loanable Amount P 1,405,000
Esitmated Pag-ibig Mo. Amortization for 25 years - P 9,486.66/mo.

Baywalk Talisay is one the best, most value-for-money investments in the lower cost segment of the property market in Cebu. Backed by the experience and reputation of 8990 Housing Development Corporation, a home-grown real-estate developer that has expanded into one of the biggest developers in the Philippines today, you can be sure that your house in Baywalk Talisay will become the home of your dreams for you and your family, for now and for years to come. The company’s sterling reputation and track record is your guarantee of a solid investment.

Location is always key in any consideration of a home purchase, so look no further than the houses in Baywalk Talisay.

Located on one of the most beautiful coastline areas of Cebu Island, just half an hour away from the main city of Cebu, Deca Homes Baywalk Talisay is one of the few low-cost mass housing projects that enjoy a prime seafront location without an expensive price tag.

You can enjoy the fresh sea breeze and the view from selected units in Baywalk Talisay, but whichever unit you end up choosing here, you never have to go very far to a find a beach or a quiet area of greenery and peaceful surroundings to enjoy some fresh air and open space.

With the convenient location and easy access to other parts of the island via the Cebu South Coastal Highway, you will always find it accessible and convenient to get anywhere from your home in Deca Homes Baywalk Talisay.

Whether you need to travel to work, to shop or to go to school, you will always find the convenient location of Baywalk Talisay a great advantage.

If you are looking for a ready for occupancy unit at Baywalk Talisay with the minimum of fuss, there are ready built units at Baywalk Talisay that you can claim as your own home with easy financing and preferential payment rates. With a reservation fee of only PHP10,000, and a down payment of PHP30,000 payable over 3 months. The balance can be paid with developer’s in-house financing at PHP14,000 a month over 25 years.


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